Seaplane Pilot: Training for the Seaplane Pilot Certificate and Beyond ACR Res-Q-Link
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ACR ResQlink
Comprehensive text for pilots adding the seaplane rating to their license and for seaplane pilots to learn more, using full-color photography and illustrations throughout. Introducing the worlds smallest and lightest PLB! ResQLink offers more power output than larger models. Features a 66-channel GPS, Im OK text messaging, flexible blade antenna, and continuous strobe. 3.9 x 1.9 x 1.3", weighs 4.6 oz.
SWITLIK - X-Back Aircrew Life Vest ASL CamGuard
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Our Price: $24.95
ASL CamGuard
The Switlik X-Back Air Crew Vest is a newly configured, lightweight crew vest that is a quantum leap in comfort and durability over its predecessors. The aptly named X-Back has a unique, proprietary cross back strap configuration, with breathable mesh Molle style vest that is ergonomically fitted to one's shoulder contours for an amazing fit. CamGuard is an additive package formulated to address the complex and interrelated problems of corrosion, wear, deposits and seal degradation in piston engines.
SWITLIK - Aviatior Life Vest
Our Price: $239.00
The Switlik Aviator Vest (Model EV-35) is a stylish new design that provides the most comfort ever offered in a constant wear life vest. Suitable for pilots, crew or passengers, the Aviator is ergonomically shaped to drape over the wearers shoulders, unlike traditional yoke style vests that hang from the neck, leading to discomfort and fatigue.

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One Six Left
"One Six Left" is the perfect companion to the documentary film "One Six Right". This DVD includes the most requested trailer "Into the Clouds" featuring music by Enya, which has now been licensed for DVD distribution.

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