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3/8" Nylon Rope 1/2" Nylon Rope
Our Price: $0.49
Our Price: $0.59
Solid Braid Nylon Bulk Rope. Ideal for blocks, pulleys, winches, mooring lines and general tie downs. Sold by the foot.
Solid Braid Nylon Bulk Rope. Made of 100% Multifilament nylon with a round construction.
Pulley Bushing PK Float Pump-Out Plug
Our Price: $1.75
Our Price: $3.00
Works with Delrin replacement pulleys for Edo floats. Sized especially for PK Floats.
Pump-Out Plug EDO Cover Gasket
Our Price: $3.00
Our Price: $3.95

This Official Seaplane Gear float plugs fit Wipline, EDO, CAP, Aerocet and Baumann floats.

EDO Cover Gasket
Remove Before Flight Streamer 12" Non-Skid Tape
Our Price: $4.95
Our Price: $4.95
Remove Before Flight Streamer
The remove before flight banner of Lake and Air for more than 20 years. Weather resistant and UV coated for lasting protection.

Revitalize non-skid areas or add protection on slippery surfaces. The pressure-sensitive tape is 12" wide and is sold by the foot.

Pump Storage Bracket Sacrificial Zinc Anode
Our Price: $5.95
Our Price: $7.95
Bracket to be used with PVC float pumps. Sacrificial Anode helps prevent corrosion on your floats. Made from an alloy that “attracts” corrosion by sacrificing itself before corrosion can eat away at your floats. A must for salt water operations.
Aluminum Pump Out Cup Pump Adapter for PK Floats
Our Price: $10.95
Our Price: $11.95
These top quality cups are the perfect replacement for worn-out plastic cups. Fits Wipline, Edo, CAP, Aerocet and Baumann Floats.
Dimensions 3.00" top x .68 bottom x 2.50" tall
Much to the pleasure of many owners of PK floats, we have designed and manufactured an adapter that fits the plastic float pumps.  No more heavy, expensive brass pumps.  Adapters may be permanently glued to pumps with ordinary PVC cement.
Float Ball Pump-Out Plug Seaplane Wing Rope - Small
Our Price: $14.95
Our Price: $14.95
Spring loaded float ball plug stops leaks and lets you pump out water without removing the plug.
Braided nylon double loop wing rope. Available for all sizes of seaplanes. Small wing rope works on Cessna 206 and smaller sized aircraft.
Exhaust Stain Remover and Surface Cleaner Lake & Air Plastic Cleaning Foam
Our Price: $15.95
Our Price: $15.95
Exhaust Stain Remover and Surface Cleaner Lake & Air Plastic Cleaning Foam
A simple, easy, one-step process for cleaning those tough stains that were previously untouchable! Simply spray on, wait and wipe off!
Gently cleans all plastics without scratching. Leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust, and eliminates static.
Emergency Seaplane Float Patch Double Braided Nylon 20' Long 3/8 inch Dock Line
Our Price: $16.95
Our Price: $19.95
Double Braided Nylon 20' Long 3/8 inch Dock Line

A perfect companion for any field repair tool kit. Sticks to most surfaces and easily molds over rivets, seams and curves. To apply, peel off the paper backing and stick on. The patch can be easily molded to form a band-aid type patch. May be applied above or below the water line. Each pouch comes with two 3 inch patches. Fits right in your glove box!

Unicord 3/8 inch Double Braided Nylon Dock Lines are preshrunk and heat stabilized. They offer higher wet strength and better abrasion resistance. These lines feature a 12 inch eye splice and will resist mold and mildew.
Beaver Wooden Utility Paddle Seaplane Wing Rope - Large
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $21.95

The Beaver Utility paddle is an economical wooden boat paddle. It is available in 48", 60" and 66".


  • Approximate Blade Width: 6"
  • Shaft Dimensions: 1-1/4" W x 1" Diameter (Oval)
  • Shaft Orientation: Parallel to blade face
  • Approximate Weight:
    • 22 oz - 48" paddle
    • 27 oz - 60" paddle
    • 28 oz - 66" paddle
  • Grip Type: Palm
  • Standard Features: Varnish Finish
Which paddle is right for your floats:
  • Wipline 2100 - 48" paddle
  • Wipline 3000 - 60" paddle
  • Wipline 3450 and larger - 66" paddle

Braided nylon double loop wing ropes. Available for all sizes of seaplanes. Large wing rope works on DeHavilland Beaver and larger aircraft.