Aircraft Ferry Services

Why do your seaplane training with Lake & Air?

It’s simple.  You know that insurance rates for seaplanes can be high, and you know what can happen if you make a mistake.  But a seaplane can also open up corners of the world that aren’t available when your only option is to land on wheels, and it adds a new, fun, element to flying. 

Whether you’re considering adding your seaplane rating or need some recurrent training, it makes sense to train with the experts.  We’re the factory-approved training facility for Wipline floats, and we have pilots with experience flying many other manufacturers’ models as well.  People train with us because of our experience and knowledge.  Whether it’s a working airplane, you use it to take your family to the lake, or you just enjoy the options that floats give you, we have instructors with the experience necessary to make you a safe, competent, and confident seaplane pilot.

We’re at the forefront of industry knowledge and are able to offer training experiences that will prepare you for your real-world situations.  While others offer to train you quickly, our goal is to train you effectively.  In as little as 6-10 hours of flying, you can be ready for your practical test, and feel confident that you can safely handle the aircraft. 

It takes time and experience to make a great seaplane pilot, but we will get you on your way and give you the knowledge and skills you need to start your adventures.