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The VedaloHD difference is our exclusive HDL-3C lens technology. The HDL-3C lens technology has been scientifically designed to increase visual performance by utilizing a tri-stimulus filtering process that is impregnated directly into the lens itself that shortens the eye’s receptors response time producing increased color sensitivity and improved chromatic contrast. The difference of using VedaloHD’s lens is instantly appreciated and our results are guaranteed.

This new process is not merely a tint or a coating applied to the lens like all other conventional lenses on the market that actually diminish color but a new High Definition technology built directly into the HDL-3c lens itself that brings out color so now your eyes can see color through a sun filter!

Other Features

Ultimate Sun Protection: Our HDL-3C lenses exceed all US, European and Australian official optical sun protection standards for UVA & UVB rays. Our lenses also offer the most complete peripheral protection available for your eyes with only 8 and 10 base lens curvatures offered.

Shatter Resistant: All our lenses are produced in Italy with the finest quality NXT, APX or PC materials available which are all shatter resistant for your eyes protection for when you need it but don’t expect it.